Powerhouse Fitness are delighted to announce that Spanish cycling technology giants Bkool are now working with Sport Tiedje across Europe and Powerhouse Fitness in the UK.

Bkool was founded in 2009 by former professional road racing cyclist Ramón Fernando García.

Based in Madrid, Bkool has established themselves in the interactive field of indoor studio cycling, developing their own 3D simulator and one of the most advanced trainer systems on the market.


New on the market this year, Bkool have introduced their very own Smart Bike.

The Bkool Smart Bike is the only smart bike on the market that can automatically adjust the pedalling resistance level to the effort level of your indoor cycling session. For example, in a class or workout, the resistance level will increase/decrease based on the current training zone. In a route, the resistance level changes based on the elevation profile of the route (harder to pedal uphill/easier to pedal downhill).

Not only that, they have developed their own App and Simulator.

The app has many features including: personalised video classes; world-class instructors; a wide variety of classes; activity history; performance analysis; and the flexibility to use where and when you want.

The heart of the Bkool Smart Bike lies within the connectivity to the online simulator. Using your smartphone, tablet, or PC you can connect to the Bkool simulator that allows you to connect with riders from all over the world.


Last month, our store managers and staff got to see the bike for the first time and put it through it’s paces, whilst Doug Bell representing Bkool delivered first class training on the product for us to pass on to our customers.

On launching the Bkool Smart Bike with Powerhouse Fitness, Doug said:

“It’s great working with Powerhouse in the UK. A very proactive company that’s always willing to coordinate initiatives with us and help their customers discover the Bkool Fitness Bike and fitness app.”

“Powerhouse is very active on social media and are very active with customer-direct communications. It’s good to see Bkool integrated right from the start. We’re very enthusiastic about our continuing relationship and excited to see what more we can do in the UK.”

Doug explained what is unique about the Smart Bike and the experience it offers the user.

“The Bkool Smart Bike leads the next generation of exercise bikes. Providing an intelligent, plug-and-go interface with a dedicated fitness app that you can use on smartphones or tablets. It putting you in control of your fitness.”

“The heart of the Bkool Smart Bike lies with how it interacts with the app. The magnetic resistance of the Bike’s silent fly-wheel is controlled automatically depending on the workout or fitness class you’ve selected.”

“The bike adapts to you. Just take a quick test through the fitness app and the bike will customise its resistance to your level. As you improve over time, the Bike continually adapts accordingly.”


Clara Pastor from Bkool hopes the Smart Bike appeals to the UK market:

“The Bkool Smart Bike has broad appeal. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a time efficient and effective way to get fit at home, or a keen cyclist looking to train during the colder months.”

“This Smart Bike is an excellent device, providing scope for all kinds of cardiovascular workouts, from long steady rides to the short, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or blasts popular in group cycling classes.”

“The combination of high-quality instructors with the music and well-structured workouts is what makes the classes unique. The classes offer the user an exclusive experience of home training through the Bkool fitness app. The range of classes and instructors will help you train properly and have an amazing time.”

She also gave her thoughts on the future.

“These are exciting times at Bkool at the moment. On the one hand, we’re focusing heavily on developing the software side of the business to ensure we have a unique differentiator to offer our consumers, while aiming to strengthen our presence in the indoor fitness market, focusing in particular on the home fitness segment.”

“The user experience is key, and our objective is to continue to improve on that by taking advantage of the huge advances in technology available to us.”


Our store managers were also impressed with what the Bkool had to offer.

Aberdeen Store Manager, Mark said:

“I liked the simplistic stylish finish of the bike and the app provides a fun and engaging experience for the user”

David, Manager of our Newcastle store added:

“I thought the bike was comfortable to use and the app was user friendly, amazed by how easily it was assembled.”

Edinburgh Store Manager, Steve, added:

“I loved the app, it’s just like the spin classes at the gym, but in the comfort of my living room.”

The Bkool Smart Bike retails at £1,199

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