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HoloFit is a subscription based service that connects your fitness machine to a Virtual Reality Headset, allowing you to train in a variety of virtual worlds. HoloFit can be used with compatible indoor bikes, rowing machines and elliptical trainers (see compatibility info on the bottom of the page). You can choose to workout in one of the available modes: explore, time attack, cardio goals and multiplayer. During your workout sessions you’ll be swimming under water, cycling around Saturn or running across Antarctica.

Virtual World Holodia Tropical
HoloFit VR World – Tropical

Training should be fun, and with HoloFit that’s exactly what it will be! HoloFit turns your training sessions into an interactive game and makes exercising even more challenging and rewarding. You can also compete with people from around the world in the multiplayer mode. HoloFit offers 3 products: a VR headset, a cadence sensor and an app subscription. See the chart below to ensure you’ve got everything you need to use HoloFit with your fitness machine!


Purchase Option holofit
Purchase Option holofit


Purchase Option holofit






HoloFit VR headset allows you to secure your mobile phone in the headset to experience Virtual Reality fitness environment. The VR worlds are displayed on your mobile device so the headset is more of a device holder dedicated to create the most secure and comfortable VR experience for the user. The headset comes in “one-fits-all” size with a flexible and adjustable strap at the back of your head. The cushioned overlay on the inside offers maximum comfort during the most demanding workout sessions.

To experience the virtual reality worlds, you simply open the front of the headset, place your mobile phone inside it and secure the device in place.

HoloFit VR Headset
HoloFit VR Headset


Holofit offers a dedicated cadence sensor that makes your equipment Holofit compatible. The app is compatible with selected cardio equipment, however if your equipment is not on the list but has a FTMS protocol Bluetooth connection, a cadence sensor will make it compatible. It’s easy to mount and will work with indoor bikes and elliptical trainers.

The Holofit app connects to your machine via Bluetooth and transfers the data onto the Holofit platform.

Cadence sensor
HoloFit Cadence Sensor


Holofit App turns your mobile device into a Virtual Reality display. With an app subscription you are opening the door to your new fitness world. With over 100 VR workouts across various virtual worlds, your training will be ever-changing with the continuous app updates. The experience may be virtual but the results and effects are real!

There are 3 subscription options: 3 months( £37.99) , 12 months (£94.99) or lifetime (£219.99)*. If you’re goal is to maintain a healthy exercise routine in the persent and the future, a lifetime subscription plan is made just for you. In a price of less than 2 years (repeated 3m subscription) you get a lifetime access to countless VR training sessions making boredom unthinkable. The lifetime subscription includes all app updates so you’ll always be one step ahead of the game!

*Prices at the time of writing the article

Holodia Holofit subscription activates license for 2 products – Holofit Pro and Holofit Go. Holofit Pro connects your fitness machine to a VR headset while Holofit Go provides a standalone version for use with Oculus Quest, HTC Vive Focus, and even Samsung Gear VR. Each subscriptions allows you to create up to 5 user profiles. Additionally, the Holofit Companion App where you can create your own avatar, will store all data from your workouts and display trophies, leaderboards and ranks from all over the world.

Holofit App
HoloFit App

HoloFit Training Modes



In the “Explore” mode you can choose to train in one of beautifully designed Virtual Reality Worlds: Cambridge, Babylon, Antarctica, Snowy Mountains, Tropical, Underwater, Canyon, Saturn, Aiguebelette, Cyberpunk, Paris and San Francisco. As you cycle, row or run (elliptical trainer) you’ll be moving through the chosen VR world and get the chance to fully explore it. You can also go on the search for various trophies to add to your collection while profiting from working out at the same time.

HoloFit VR Worlds
HoloFit Virtual Worlds


In the “Time Attack” mode you get to choose the length of your training from 6 available options: 2min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 20min and 30min. After each workout the app registers your distance and average speed on each of the times. It’s a fantastic mode that motivates you to progress and extend the distance you can go in a specified time frame.

HoloFit Time Attack
HoloFit Time Attack Mode


In the “Cardio Goals” mode you can choose your type of training: HIIT Training 15min, Fat Burn, Interval and Cardio. Each of them comes with 5 difficulty levels so you can easily adjust the program to your needs and fitness level. It also means you have plenty of space to progress and improve your strength and muscle endurance. Cardio Goals mode is an excellent choice if weight loss is on your “fitness goals” list. With the interactive VR workouts you’re guaranteed to burn calories quickly and effectively.

HoloFit Cardio Goals
HoloFit Cardio Goals Mode


In the “Race” mode you’re asked to choose your target distance from pre-set options: 500m, 1km, 2km, 5km, 10km and 21.09km. The latter is the distance of semi-marathon so if you’re training for the legendary running competition, that’s the one to go for. The app registers you time on each distance so you can beat your own scores as you progress in your fitness journey.

HoloFit Race
HoloFit Race Mode


The multiplayer mode consists of 2 modules – online multi and local multi. Online multi allows you to compete agains users from all over the world including your Holofit app friends. The Holofit companion app lets you connect with your friends and compare your results. Additionally, it displays ranks and leaderboards by country, sport or workout mode for an extra boost of motivation. Local multi allows you to connect and race with your friends and family locally.

HoloFit Multiplayer Mode
HoloFit Multiplayer Mode


  • Concept 2 PM5 Rowing machine
  • TechnoGym SkillRow
  • StairMaster HIIT Rower
  • WaterRower via SmartRow
  • FTMS-Bluetooth enabled rowing machines
  • Any, with the additional cadence sensor
  • FTMS-Bluetooth enabled bicycles and ellipticals

You can purchase the cadence sensor on our website or use one of your cadence sensors. HoloFit can be used with following sensors: IGPSport C61, Garmin 2, Gemini 210 S3+, Wahoo cadence sensor.H

*The cadence sensor works on bikes and ellipticals ONLY. 
*The cadence sensor does not work with PC-Tethered VR Headsets.


“It’s an absolute recommendation from me, and I will continue to use this as a major part of my weekly training regimen.”
Najee W, HoloFit Member

“So far I’ve played a handful and IT IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I move, I sweat, I get out of breath, my legs are weak and I can’t stand! AND I DON’T WANT TO STOP!”
Jane, HOLOFIT Member

“This is seriously something I’ve dreamt of since I was like 7 years old when I was forced to work out.. I never liked going to the gym as I thought it was boring..but thanks to HoloFit VR I am a regular!”
Denisse Leon, HoloFit Member

“Holofit turned rowing from a constraint to the highlight of the day.”
Sylvain Davril, HOLOFIT Member
HoloFit VR Fitness App
HoloFit Overview


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