It’s as simple as that! BlazePod are taking reflex training to a whole new level! So let’s see how they will change your training sessions for your clients, your squad AND you!

What is BlazePod?

World-leading in responsive training, the concept of the pod seems extremely simple. But, the technology within the devices, provides you with in-depth data that can be easily analysed to help with development and performance.

Working via the app, you have complete control over the type of session you want to run! Have plenty of options keep the sessions mixed and fun!

BlazePod in the gym
Improve your reactions in a fun way

SETUP – Connect the pods to the app on your device. Choose the activity you want to train to. Place the pods and get ready to go!

TRAIN – Push yourself to your limit, tapping out the lights by yourself, with your teammates or with your PT.

TRACK – Review and measure your performance to the exact millisecond! Keep motivated with user-friendly tracking and push yourself to improve next time around.

Tracking your progress is key


Back in the ‘old days’ as it were, before VAR, goal-line technology, CATAPULT vests and now BlazePod, football training and match days were very different! Football has been a real-leader in technology, especially in terms of player development and analysis.

The conventional or now ‘old-fashioned’ coloured cones we are all familiar with, could soon be a thing of the past, especially in professional and semi-professional outfits.

Football training BlazePod
Coloured cones are fast becoming a thing of the past

Based on the same idea, ie different colours, the BlazePod app and training totally changes the dynamic of the sessions for your squad of players. The strength and conditioning training on offer will help to provide challenging exercises that stimulate competitive energy and boost team morale.

Some of the best improvements you’ll oversee are: ball control, speed, agility, decision making, communication, reactions, quick feet and reaction saves for the goalkeepers.

BlazePod can improve goalkpeeper reactions


Keeping your training sessions varied for your clients and / or yourself is paramount, nobody wants to be bored with the same routine every day or week right?

BlazePod can totally change something as simple as a warm-up for instance. Working on your own, or in pairs or a wider group, you have full flexibility to use 1 of the on-board routines or fully customise it to suit yourself.

You can set the pods up on the floor to race against each other or tackle a course together. You can even fit them to say a punch bag to enhance your decision making! The beauty of the pods, is that they can be used anywhere, from your living room floor, to the local park or gym.

BlazePod group session
Work in pairs or in groups to mix up your training

Rehab from any injury can be gruelling and daunting. BlazePod really come to the fore in this respect, not everybody has to go at 100mph and the app gives you that flexibility.

The physiotherapy tests and exercises offer progressive rehab routines. Such as; ADL, improvement in cognitive skills, engagement and motivation with all the data relayed through the app.


  • Available on both iOS and Android, the app is included within any BlazePod kit.
  • The list of training activities is ever-growing and you will find endless workout options already within the app.
  • The custom functionality is superb, and allows you to set random light ups with different colours, with the odd wrong one to test reactions, or simply for your own fun!
  • The live feedback on offer from literally every tap out or miss hit offers full measurement to the reactions, down to the millisecond.

The app has both preset and custom training options


Working with some of the biggest brands in the Fitness industry, Rey Smart – an experienced and fully qualified personal trainer, fitness coach and owner of Be Smart Get Fit – is right behind the BlazePod technology

He said: The BlazePod flash reflex training system is an absolute game changer. Set up takes minutes after you download the BlazePod app and connect to the pods using Bluetooth.

The app features a wide range of activities that can be customised to make them easier or more challenging. The activities range from solo to partner training and the app keeps a record of performance and response time so that you can see progress over time.


The BlazePod come in 4 different bundle options starting from £299 with the Standard Training Kit and the Standard Deluxe at £379.

With more pods and greater variety the Trainer Kit and Trainer Deluxe also offer superb value for money at £429 and £539 respectively.

The app subscription comes as standard with all kit options, so what’s the delay? Check out the video below and become part of the BlazePod family!


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