Everyone is motivated in January. It’s a new year and you’re excited to start exercising, improving your health and fitness, and getting the body you’ve always dreamt of.

But around February/March, the novelty starts to fade. It can get harder and harder to keep on track with your training programme. However, there are many ways you can combat this. For example, maybe it’s time to change up your training to keep things fresh. Maybe start training with a friend to keep you invested. Or maybe you should get yourself a new toy to play with.

BodyMax R100 Innovate Air Rower

Who doesn’t like a nice afternoon row along the river? The rain driving into your face, an unidentifiable smell stinging your nostrils, and the looming possibility of something unpleasant floating by your boat.

Maybe you’re better off staying inside and jumping on an R100 Rower. It has really flexible resistance settings and 26 preset programme selections. So whether you’re wanting to enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon row or you’re preparing for The Boat Race, you’re all set. When you’re done just fold it away, put it in the corner, and get on with your life. People will think it’s an experimental art piece.

BodyMax T100 Innovate Treadmill

The T100 Treadmill is perfect if you’re really wanting to make a commitment to improving your health and fitness long term. You can keep yourself entertained by connecting your devices to the treadmill. So you can watch TV, movies, browse news, or listen to a Powerhouse Fitness Playlist to keep you motivated throughout your workout.

When you’re training, it’s important to track your progress. The T100 has an integrated health assessment system, so you can monitor the benefits your training is having on your heart rate and BMI. This is a great way to keep you motivated when your willpower is struggling.


“But I want to play outside!”

OK so you want to play outside. But it’s raining and you don’t have your anorak. With Kinomap, you can explore the world to your hearts content without having to set foot outside your door. Whether you want to explore a different park to the same one you’ve already ran through a dozen times before, row through the Blue Lagoon of Tetiaroa, or cycle along the Golden Gate Bridge – just load up Kinomap. With a massive range of guided routes and explorable maps, you really can run, row, or ride wherever you want in the world.

BodyMax B1 Racer

Are you an elite level cyclist? Are you ready to put in 20+ hours per week of gruelling training to be the best in the world? Then please do not purchase a BodyMax B1 Racer.

But if you’re fairly new to cycling or exercise in general, then this could be the perfect piece of equipment for you. Without much research, you can quickly see that some exercise equipment can cost as much as a small house. The BodyMax B1 is modest, but it will do what you need it to do to help you improve your health and fitness. Plus, it’s only £179 and it doesn’t look like it was designed for the set of a C list Sci-Fi film from the 1960’s.

BodyMax 36kg Selectabell

Finally! It’s time to talk about some weights!

Cardio is great and everything, but sometimes you just want to pick up some heavy stuff. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest in a massive rack of dumbbells which take up half your house. The BodyMax 36kg Selectabells were crafted in a mystical far-off land, where a single pair of dumbbells can become 18 pairs of dumbbells! And you too can visit this magical kingdom! Just give the Selectabells a click, a twist, and a lock, say “there’s no place like home” and you’ll be there.

So you see, there’s plenty around to keep your training going. Whatever your goals are, treating yourself to a new present can really help you move closer to them.

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