Christmas is around the corner so it’s about time we talk gifts. With the current lockdown and the stores being closed it’s important to order your Christmas gifts ahead to make sure they are delivered in time. The New Year’s resolutions coming straight after Christmas give us great gift opportunities for anyone planning to get in shape. That’s why we prepared a list of 10 Christmas gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts and those just looking to get more activity into their routines from the comfort of their homes.

Top 10 Fitness Christmas Gift Ideas:

1. Walking Pad

WP60 Walking Pad - Powerhouse Fitness christmas gift
Add more steps to your routine

This space-saving walking pad was made for anyone looking to get more steps into their routine without buying a full size treadmill. The innovative folding system lets the user fold the desk in half and store in away under the bed, sofa or in the wardrobe.

The speed can be adjusted from 0.5 up to 6km/h and is controlled with a remote. The WP60 Walking Pad includes an intelligent speed adjustment system – in essence, if you walk towards the front of the treadmill, the speed increases and if you walk towards the rear of the treadmill, the speed will decrease.

You can use it while working, watching tv or listening to music to add more steps into your routine without leaving your house. If you need more stability while walking you can add on a foldable handrail. To find out more about the functionality of the WP60 and why it makes a perfect christmas gift watch this – video.

2. Massage Gun

BodyMax Massage Gun - christmas gifts
Muscle soreness relief

Massage gun can make a great gift wether the receiver struggles with post-workout muscle stiffness or just general muscle pain. They come with many benefits including loosening tension in your body, muscle soreness relief, increased mobility and increased blood flow.

Taurus Massage Gun - christmas gifts
Increase mobility and blood flow

It’s a great universal Christmas gift for people all ages, sizes and fitness levels. We have two models in offer – BodyMax Massage Gun and Taurus Massage Gun. The first one is a more budget friendly option that comes with 5 massage attachments and 3 vibration levels. The latter model – Taurus Massage Gun – is a more professional and robust option that offers stronger vibrations. It comes with 5 massage attachments and 5 vibration levels.

Massage guns are great Christmas gift option wether you’re after a relaxing massage, pain relief, post-workout stiffness reduction or loosening tension.

3. Resistance Bands

BodyMax Resistance Bands Powerbands - christmas gifts
Compact heavy weights alternative

Resistance bands are a great alternative to heavy weights but in compact and lightweight design. What makes them a great gift choice is that they’re incredibly universal. They can be used for adding light resistance to your exercises, stretching, adding more resistance when lifting a barbell, supporting you in pull-ups and dips or as heavy weights equivalent.

A set of the Powerbands is a portable and easy to store gift option that will add variety to user’s training routine and improve their strength and muscle endurance.

4. Folding Exercise Bike

Compact and lightweight design for limited home space


Folding bikes are an effective way to add more activity, movement and cardio to your routine. The compact size and folding mechanism was developed to fit any home space. It can be easily stored away while not in use which is why it’s perfect for anybody with limited workout space. BodyMax FXB30 Folding Exercise Bike comes with 16 adjustable levels of resistance and oversized saddle and backrest for comfort. When set up it’s stable and secure for users up to 120kg. It weights only 23.5kg and folds to a portable and compact size so it’s one of very few bikes that will actually fit under your Christmas tree.

FXB30 Folding Exercise Bike is a great Christmas gift choice and an effective way to burn the calories after Christmas season and get in shape for the New Year.

5. Adjustable Dumbbells


BodyMax 22.5kg Selectabell 5-in-1 Dumbbells V2.0 - PAIR - christmas gifts
5-in-1 Adjustable Dumbbells

The BodyMax Selectabells give you the flexibility of multiple dumbbell sizes in a pair of easily adjustable dumbbells. It’s a great way to expand workout and exercise options in a smaller workout space. The simple weight selection mechanism lets you adjust the dumbbell weight from 4.5kg to 22.5kg in seconds. It’s a superb choice for a Christmas gift for both fitness enthusiasts and people starting their fitness journey.

The Selectabells are durable and robust solution that improves muscle strength, endurance and definition and maximises your progress. They come in 2 sizes – 22.5kg (5-in-1) Dumbbells and 25kg (15-in-1) Dumbbells.

Read more about selectabells – here.

BodyMax V2.0 25kg Selectabell 15-in-1 Dumbbells V2.0 - PAIR - christmas gifts
15-in-1 Adjustable Dumbbells

6. BlazePods

BlazePod Standard Kit
Improve speed and agility

BlazePods are an innovative way to improve your speed and agility during training. They’re a great gift for sport coaches, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts. BlazePods are a fun way to workout at home with your family and friends. WIth the training app you can set challenges, courses and create fun games. Blaze Pods can display 8 different colours and you can give each person a different colour to follow in the game. The best way to understand the functionality of BlazePods is to watch this – video.

The BlazePod App is included in the trainer kit and can be downloaded via both Andorid and iOS devices. They are water and UV resistant, wireless and incredibly intuitive to use. BlazePods come in several sets – BlazePod Standard Kit, BlazePod Standard Kit Deluxe Bundle, BlazePod Trainer Kit and BlazePod Trainer Kit Deluxe Bundle.

BlazePods Training
8 different light options


7. Fitness Trampolines

BodyMax 40
Low impact cardio

Fitness trampolines are a superb and universal family Christmas gift option. It’s a lot of fun for kids and a great workout opportunity for adults. They come in various sizes so you can find one that fits your space.

They’re easy to assemble and even easier to use. As a low impact exercise it’s perfect for protecting your joints while making sure you get the most out of your workout. Jump training is effective for increasing cardiovascular health, toning muscles, developing joint health and improving balance and posture. And again – it’s a lot of fun! You can choose between a compact BodyMax 40″ Mini Trampoline, or wider and more robust (40″-50″) Cardiojump Fitness Trampolines.

Cardiojump Fitness Trampoline
Space-saving design

8. Ab Wheel

BodyMax Exercise Wheel
Develop core strength

Exercise Wheel is a fantastic Christmas gift option on a budget. This small accessory offers excellent results and benefits helping the user build core strength and toned abdominal muscles.

Ab rollout, despite appearances, is a very intense and demanding exercise that requires you to engage multiple core muscles at once. That’s why it’s so effective when it comes to developing core and back muscles while improving stability and muscle endurance. This compact but advanced accessory is a must-have for any fitness enthusiast and a spot-on Christmas gift for anyone who’s serious about getting strong and defined abs.

BodyMax Exercise Wheel incorporates a double-wheel system that adds to its stability. The grips are foam covered to provide maximum comfort during the exercise.

9. Boxing Mits

BodyMax PU Hook & Jab Focus Pads
Train with your family and friends

Boxing is a fun way of adding cardio to your routine and burining more calories. It’s a perfect gift for your friend, partner or child if you want to workout together and motivate each other in your fitness journeys. Boxing Mitts can only be used in pairs so it’s a fantastic way of showing your commitment and support to your loved ones.

The BodyMax PU Hook and Jab Focus Pads are made with a high impact shock absorbent foam which makes them effective at absorbing shock. The curved design provides a comfortable grip and supreme support. Boxing will help you improve your balance, power and coordination. You can also extend your boxing equipment collection with a BodyMax PU Thai Strike Pad.

You can also find boxing sets designed for junior boxers that will make a perfect gift for you kids and keep them active.

Don’t forget your boxing gloves!

BodyMax PU Thai Strike Pad

BodyMax PU Thai Strike Pad.

BodyMax PVC Junior Boxing Set

BodyMax PVC Junior Boxing Set

10. Vinyl Dumbbell Sets

BodyMax Vinyl Dumbbell Sets
Add resistance to your home workouts

BodyMax Vinyl Dumbbell Sets are a spot-on Christmas gift for people looking to add more variety and resistance to at-home exercises. The vinyl coating makes them quiet and comfortable to use. They come in weights ranging from 1 – 6kg per dumbell and are colour coded for a clear organisation. It’s a perfect choice for light-weight training, toning, physiotherapy exercises and home or studio workouts.


There are numerous choices when it comes to fitness related Christmas gift ideas. Thanks to the variety of sizes, prices and purposes you will definitely find a perfect ones for your friends and family. By choosing a fitness Christmas gift you’re gifting an opportunity to improve health and wellbeing to your loved ones.

Make sure to read our advice on how to stay fit during lockdown and check out our high protein gingerbread cookies recipe!

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