Choosing the right treadmill is paramount to any home training program. So let us ensure you have the best impartial advice to help guide which treadmill is best suited to you!

Not only is running at home easier and warmer than running in say a park or on the streets, you can train at anytime of day or night and plan your schedule around what suits you!

That’s not to say that running outside doesn’t have its advantages, of course it does! It’s free, you have total freedom of routes and you can generally prepare better for road runs or marathons.

But by pointing you in the right direction in terms of suitability, value for money and interactive classes, let’s breakdown what treadmills will be a welcome addition to your home whilst enhancing your workouts!


The first part of making any purchase is deciding on what style of treadmill you need that will best meet your needs.

We’ve broken this down into 3 categories to make it really simple in terms of the different types of treadmill on the market.


Desk treadmills or walking pads are a superb option for home and office working. Walking at a gentle pace has been proven to increase creativity, productivity as well as general health and well-being improvements.

Motorised Treadmills

With built-in motors from a range of different powers, the belt revolves around itself at the speed selected by you. Perfect for individual walks or runs, these treadmills can range from anything between 1kp/h and 22kp/h.

Curved Treadmills

The latest trend of treadmills. Self-powered, curved treadmills allow you to run with a natural running style, on the balls of your feet, pushing your boy forward and creating momentum to rotate the treadmill belt.


What’s right for you might not be the same as your friend or neighbour, so gathering as much independent advice as you can is important.

Top Tip: Always try and read product reviews, as you will get a real feel from other customers who have purchased the treadmill you are looking at.

There are lots of things to consider, are you looking for a treadmill to walk or jog on? Perhaps you are a fan of HIIT and need something more robust with incline? Or are you a serious athlete that is looking for top performance with a higher top speed?

Other important factors are space; so consider folding treadmills rather than fixed treadmills where you are working with limited floor space. And deck size, remember your height has an impact, so the taller you are the bigger the running deck you will need to fit your stride.

Your body weight will also determine which treadmill spec you should be aware of. For the average male, you will need a treadmill that weighs 100kg, that has a heavy deck and is robust to take your body-weight.

Cushioning should also be considered as this helps to reduce the impact on your joints, especially your knees and ankles. In general, the higher the price, the better the cushioning technology tends to be.


Pretty much every treadmill has an on-board console of some sort, that you can use to track your progress and stay motivated.

Technology is always changing and consoles now can range from a basic 5 inchTFT monitor to a 22 inch HD console with a range of functions and entertainment apps.

Our 5 key things to look out for on a treadmill console are:

  • Hot Keys: These are buttons with pre-set functions such as speed, incline, quick start, stop and volume control, that make changing settings really simple.
  • Workout Programs: Most consoles come with pre-installed workouts programs, it is always worth checking how many programs there are including heart rate options.
  • Stats: Make sure that the console at a minimum provides you with your real-time stats; time, distance, speed, incline, resistance, heart rate, calories and watts.
  • Entertainment: Check what apps are included, this can be things like Kinomap, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also check and see if the console has in-built speakers or a port to connect your device or earphones to.
  • Extras: Check if you will get any extras, it’s always worth asking! Some treadmills will have compatible tablet holders, some have screen-mirroring capability and some may even have a different console option.


Running on a treadmill can at times be tedious, we all know that! More than ever though, interactive training is very much the trend and way forward, especially for running at home.

As we looked at above, most treadmills will come with pre-installed workout programs however this may be things like target programs, where you will run to achieve a certain amount of calorie burn or run a 5k.

So let’s look at a couple of options that will enhance the experience and provide that connection.

Kinomap which comes pre-installed with selected cardiostrong and BodyMax treadmills not only cures your boredom but opens a whole new training experience.

With over 70,000 routes that have been recorded and uploaded to the platform from other users, you can run pretty much anywhere in the world.

What makes it even better, connected to your treadmill if you increase or decrease the speed of your treadmill the speed of the video will also change. Likewise, the incline/decline will automatically adjust dependent on your route.

Similarly, iFit Coach is another app that is compatible with ProForm and NordicTrack treadmills. iFit allows you to follow live and on-demand video workouts whilst also providing you with individual training regimes & constantly views your activity stats with automatic tracking.

From Paris to Sydney, you can experience it all. Workouts powered by Google Maps take you around the globe with breathtaking Street View images right on your equipment console or tablet. Plus, with terrain matching technology, you’ll feel every hill and dip, as if you’re actually outside!

An iFit Coach membership is like having a personal trainer, a gym membership, workout classes and a nutritionist. Think of all the money you’ll save in time, gas, and hassle when you join!


Ensuring you get value for your money is key! Setting a budget is always a good idea, however being prepared to have movement on your budget may open up some options you hadn’t previously considered.

In general, treadmills start around the £600 and can reach prices of £6,000 for some of the high-end commercial lines.

For beginners or intermediate users, we would recommend the BodyMax line of treadmills, which offer superb functionality as well as being at a generous price-point.

This then gives you the flexibility to upgrade further down the line if you wish to, but haven’t gone for a top of the range treadmill from the off.

The BodyMax treadmills range between £599 & £999

“The BodyMax T80 Treadmill is a superb treadmill, great price and quality!” – Daniel

For those who need a higher-spec of treadmill then looking towards some of the cardiostrong, Taurus, NordicTrack and ProForm lines would certainly appeal.

For commerical premises, some of those brands above do have commercial grade machines, however Life Fitness treadmills would certainly peak your interest

Comparing specifications and features will give you an idea of what to expect before you invest, as each brand will have unique selling points. For example, some of the latest cardiostrong and Taurus treadmills have screen mirroring functionality on the consoles, which is a feature other brands don’t have.

For the brands we’ve just covered, you would expected to pay anything between £999 & £3499.

Paying off your treadmill via finance can be a smart solution rather than having to spend a lump sum. Our finance calculator can help you with affordability.


For more buying advice & help for treadmills such as the BodyMax T100 please click here


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