BlazePod Trainer Kit Deluxe Bundle

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Key Features:
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Sticks to any surface with speciality harnesses
  • Small and lightweight to carry
  • Powerful RGB LEDs with 8 color options
  • Fully customisable and interactive control from the BlazePod app

Description: BlazePod Trainer Kit Deluxe Bundle

The ultimate in flash reaction light training bundle for professional sports coaches, therapists, personal trainers and at-home fitness and sports enthusiasts.

The BlazePod Trainer Kit Deluxe Bundle includes 6 Pods to create the most challenging activities, competitions and tests for you, your family and your clients/teams.

The pods themselves are powerful RGB LEDs and have 8 different colour options so different users can go different colours. The pods are water resistant and UV protected and are a durable training device.

Designed for easy use the trainer kit is simple and intuitive; no power buttons, no wires and no moving parts. The speciality harness allows the pods to be attached to any surface and the rechargable li-ion battery last for upto 12 hours with a single charge.

BlazePod is a brand new way to improve and vary your speed and agility training. Perfect for football coaches, basketball coaches, tennis coaches or personal trainers, the app can be controlled and customised for any use to make improvements to your team or clients.

Of course, BlazePods are also a fun, new way to workout at home on your own or with your partner / family. You are able to set challenges and courses with the pods themselves and use the app to give each person a colour to follow.


Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication, the pods are paired instantly with your smartphone with a range of 40m. The app is included in the trainer kit and can be downloaded via both Andorid and iOS devices.

You are able to choose from pre-defined activities or create your own, from the library of light logics. You can easily track performance of the users to the millisecond, down to every tap on the Pods, which is superb for post workout data analysis.

Choose from the ever growing list of predefined activities for sports & fitness. You will find the perfect solution for your workouts and drills by filtering for the number of players, Pods, equipment and more.

You can also create your own activities using one of the many logic bases, from Pods lighting up randomly, to focusing on specific colour Pods among distracting ones. You have full flexibility to configure the activity to get the perfect results you're looking for!

Most importantly you can track your performance with every tap out and miss hit to measure your reaction time down to the millisecond.


  • 6 x Pods

  • BlazePod Case

  • 6 x Functional Adapters

  • 6 x Straps

  • 6 x Suction Cups

  • 4 x Cone Adapters

  • Charging Base and Micro USB Cable

  • BlazePod Set-Up Guide

Specification: BlazePod Trainer Kit Deluxe Bundle

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Product Reviews

Average rating from 7 reviews
Love this piece of kit, ideal for circuit workouts and very compactable. Would recommend

A unique piece of kit which is great for home workouts.

Perfect for circuits
I am a regular customer of powerhouse fitness and was intrigued by this product. This is a great little piece of kit perfect for circuit workouts

Wasn't sure what to expect but i love this piece of kit. Have bought several different things from Blazepod in the past and the quality is exceptional

cool product!
Really cool product! gives you a different type of training and worth the money!

Amazing for improving speed and agility. Highly reccomended, so much mor fun than traditional agility training.

One of the best liitle bits of tech I've bought. So much fun and so much different things you can do with them, superb for circuits and things like that! Recommend!