Bio-Synergy Skinny Protein Shake 700g - Banana

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Skinny Protein - A high-protein shake with proven weight-loss nutrients to support weight loss and muscle definition.

How Skinny Protein can help you

Skinny Protein Shakes fit perfectly into a hectic lifestyle and can contribute to a well organised diet, helping you to meet your small regular meals. As a source of whey protein, these delicious and nutritious shakes will increase feelings of fullness whilst providing ingredients required to maintain a toned body. Great for hair, skin, nails and immune function too, choose Skinny protein shakes to help you lose those last few pounds, tone your body and complete your diet.

High in whey protein
Over 75% protein in each delicious serving.

Green tea & guarana
Contains a unique blend of green tea and guarana extracts, helping to mobilise and burn fat as well as boost your energy levels.

Each serving contains chromium which according the Food Standards Agency plays a role in reducing sugar cravings and may play a role in tackling type 2 diabetes.

Each serving contains l-carnitine (an amino acid) which has been the subject of numerous studies regarding fat metabolism.

Convenient nutrition
A delicious shake perfect after a workout or between meals during the day where a healthy, quick and easy alternative to fast foods or unhealthy snacks are required.

Research proven
Protein has been the subject of numerous studies which have demonstrated its importance in curbing hunger and maximising muscle recovery.
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