BodyMax Black SE225 Commercial Disc Load Seated Calf Bench

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Key Features:
  • Suitable for full & light commercial use
  • Plate loading and extremely low maintenance
  • Curved framing looks stylish but also improves integrity
  • Solid steel with modern matte black powder coated finish
  • The feel of training with free weights with the safety of a machine
The Bodymax SE226 Commercial Disc Load Seated Calf Bench is a commercial grade piece of equipment suitable for both commercial and light commercial environments, with its sleek ergonomic design the bench is a great piece of equipment to purposely target your calf muscles.

This bench is suitable for a wide variety of users to find a solution to targeting the calf muscles with the requirement of adding weight plates to suit every users specific needs! Perfect for building strength and muscular endurance in the lower legs the seated calf is suitable for both novice and experienced gym users. The product comes with fully adjustable knee pads, wide padded seat and a distinctive red adjustable lever to aid the visually impaired.

The unique experience you can receive from a plate loading machine is of importance to note, with a wide variety of different machines for different motions available it can really develop a wide arsenal of movement quality to the different angles you can train each muscle to your benefit. The functional experience you can receive from the Commercial Disc Load Seated Calf Bench can really target the calf muscle with a machine but the feel of a training with free weights, providing a safe environment to exhaust the muscle targeted with an all round safe experience where no stability component is necessary!

The importance of a strong calf muscle may not be the first port of call on the embarkment of your exercise programme but the performance and injury prevention benefits that the otherwise known peripheral of the heart can influence cannot be denied! The calf is made up of two main muscles, named the gastrocnemius and soleus, both which come together to form the achilles tendon, this formation is essential for walking and running. The formation of these muscles also act as a stability component preventing your feet from rolling inwards and outwards.

The benefit of training the calf muscle can lead to prevention of injuries throughout the knee, hip and ankle and form performance benefits in sports such as football, basketball and volleyball! The Bodymax SE226 Commercial Disc Load Seated Calf Bench will provide great benefits for the calf muscle and is well suited for regular gym users to professional athletes to provide injury preventative and performance benefits!

Maximum User Weight
Dimensions Open
116x65x89cm (LxWxH)

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Manufacturer's warranty Warranty type Warranty period
Full Commercial 1 year full commercial 1 year parts / labour 90 day consumables 12 Months
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