Aqua Training Bag Sensor

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Key Features:
  • Links to the free app
  • Real-time data that measures your speed and force
  • In-depth data analysis such as punch force & frequency
  • Customize workouts via the app with a personalised profile
  • Works exclusively with 15”, 18” and 21” Aqua Training Bags
Get ready for a workout experience unlike any other! Pairing the Aqua Training Bag, the bag sensor gives you the best all-round interactive boxing workout experience everytime!

Measure your progress over time as the sensor provides real-time data and transparency allowing you to maximize your output each time you step into the ring.

With the Aqua Training Bag Sensor, you have the ability to monitor your progress and customize workouts to ensure you reach your full potential round after round. You can create a personalized profile, track your daily activity during your workouts, and so much more while the sensor provides real-time data that measures your speed, force, and development over time.


LEVEL UP YOUR TRAINING – Link to your smartphone with our FREE App to track past workouts and store your data

ROUND-BY-ROUND ANALYTICS – Measure your rounds with Punch Force, Hardest Punch, Punch Calorie Measurement, and Punch Frequency Indicators

PERSONALIZED USER EXPERIENCE – Personalize your workout with Power Punch Threshold, Round Timer and Start/Stop Bell customizations

EXCLUSIVE COMPATIBILITY – The Aqua Training Bag Sensor works exclusively with 15”, 18” and 21” Aqua Training Bags
Aqua Training
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