Anabolic Halo Pro Series 907g Blue Raspberry

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The New Halo Hardcore Pro Series formula is an all-in-one post-workout muscle building solution developed with seven proprietary blends and is powered by scientifically advanced key ingredients. Check out how these core ingredients deliver seven important elements that make Halo Hardcore Pro Series an advanced post-workout formula.

Increases Muscle Fibre Area: Halo Hardcore Pro Series works to increase muscle fibre area through hypertrophy. A third-party study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise involving 22 untrained subjects divided into three study groups suggested that subjects using a key ingredient in Halo Hardcore Pro Series gained more muscle than subjects using a placebo after 12 weeks.

Increase Muscle Building Strength: A key ingredient in Halo Hardcore Pro Series supports muscle-building strength gains. In the same study mentioned directly above, subjects increased their strength compared to subjects using a placebo.

Promotes Human Myogenic Regulatory Factors: Optimizes key myogenic regulatory factors to support an response. In a second study that utilized muscle biopsies, subjects using a key ingredient in Halo Hardcore Pro Series were suggested to have increased myocellular levels of growth precursors of myogenin and MRF-4.

Myocellular Expansion: Floods your muscle cells with cell-volumizing agents to support myocellular expansion. Researchers theorize that myocellular volumization is an important factor in support of rapid muscle tissue growth.

Muscle Cell Recovery: Halo Hardcore Pro Series delivers a muscle cell recovery agent that supports recovery time between sets.

Micro-Diffuse Technology: Team MuscleTech researchers formulated Halo Hardcore Pro Series with Micro-Diffuse Technology. This is designed to enhance the dispersion properties of a key muscle building agent.
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