Adapt Nutrition GH Assist 60 Capsules

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Key Features:
  • Increases recovery time
  • Improve strength
  • Natural growth and recovery
  • Can we be used pre and after workout
  • 60 capsules
Adapt Nutrition GH Assist represents the next generation of sports supplements. It contains one of the most impressive ingredients to hit the industry called Alpha GPC (L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine). This cholinergic compound boasts some impressive studies which have shown to increase circulating Growth Hormone levels. As a result you can expect improvements in body composition, increases in muscle mass and strength as well as the other potential benefits of increased GH production such as keeping those younger looks for longer!

The benefits of Adapt Nutrition GH Assist doesn't stop there though;

Increase Power Output

One study showed a 14% increase in power output when taken 45 minutes before exercise so if you are looking for strength gains, stacking GH Assist alongside a potent pre workout formula like the Adapt Nutrition Pre Train will take your workouts to the next level.

Decrease Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline can often be overlooked by fitness enthusiasts as we are not always sure why feel 'mentally fatigued'. Alpha GPC will assist in the prevention of that fall in cognition allowing you to stay a little sharper and more focused. We've all had those 'crashes' after a strenuous workout and this Nootropic will certainly play its role in keeping it at bay!

Key Features

Increase natural GH levels

Recover faster from training session

Improve the mind-muscle connection

Increase strength, power and size

Prevent cognitive decline and post workout 'crashes
Adapt Nutrition
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