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What to expect from a new treadmill

Most modern electric / motorised treadmills are designed with impact-absorbing or cushioned running decks, meaning running on a treadmill can be much kinder to your knees compared to running outdoors. Most models nowadays also come with on-board computers that allow you to activate programmed workout routines which have been designed to help people achieve common fitness goals.

Another great feature of the modern treadmill is the ability to read heart rate, measure calories burnt and inform you when you are in the fat burning zone, this is an excellent motivational tool that will help you quickly achieve your fitness targets.

You'll also want to consider

Motor (HP and maximum speed) - When you buy a treadmill, choose a machine from the speed so that enough range remains towards the pre-set maximum speed.

Size of the running surface - Training comfort and step safety increase with a bigger running surface. The quicker the speed on the treadmill, the more the incline changes, and the taller the user (therefore stride length), the bigger the running surface of the treadmill should be.

Absorption - Users with back and knee problems should buy a treadmill with a very good absorption.

Electronic/manual incline adjustment - Starter models mostly have just a manual incline adjustment. For changing, the training needs to be stopped on the treadmill and the incline angle needs to be manually changed. If the machine is equipped with an electronic incline adjustment, the incline can be comfortably changed at the touch of a button while exercising.

Training programs - Training programs provide diversion while exercising and increase motivation.

Pulse control/pulse controlled training programs - Select from a chart the appropriate pulse value for models with pulse control by means of age, gender, and desired training target

Foldable/not foldable - The running surface of foldable treadmills can be easily folded upwards. If you have small space in a fitness room, you should buy such a folding treadmill, so that you can store it efficiently after the workout.

Workmanship - Treadmills from Life Fitness, Taurus Fitness are of excellent workmanship; cardiostrong, Kettler, Bodymax, Spirit and Sole are also very good.

Noise - Due to different motor types some treadmills are quieter than others

If you have very limited space it may be wise to choose a folding treadmill. We offer free 2 man delivery on all treadmill orders and finance options are available on all models.

A huge selection of brands

We stock treadmills from leading brands. Click to see all Life FitnessTreadmils, Proform Treadmills,Sole Fitness Treadmills, BH Fitness Treadmills, Bodymax Treadmills, Spirit Treadmills, cardiostrong treadmills and many more.

We also have a large selection of commercial treadmills to suit any budget, all eligible for free UK delivery and many of them come with a 0% finance option.

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