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Rowing Machines

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There are currently 3 main types of rowing machine available on the market today Magnetic Rowers - These rowing machines offer smooth and variable resistance even at the top end of resistance. Magnetic rowers are often found in Fitness Centres. One of the key differences is that they are virtually silent utilising a magnetic brake system that produces no friction or wind/air noise. As the resistance is electronically controlled, magnetic rowers have a further distinct advantage over other rower types, in that a computer can control the resistance, and in some models of rowing machine this enables the computer to control workout programmes that vary resistance over time. The Infiniti range or rowing machines feature a range of programmes including heart rate control programmes that use the computer's ability to control resistance in conjunction with personalised data such as age, weight, and heart rate, to ensure that your work rate remains within pre-defined heart rate training zones. Water Rowers - The aim of the water resistance concept is to simulate the feel (and sound) of real rowing. As with real rowing, the harder you pull , the greater the resistance becomes. An example of the application of this concept are the products manufactured under the WaterRower brand, which combines a well-engineered rowing machine design with beautiful aesthetics (WaterRower call it Functional Fitness Furniture) often using ethically sourced American hardwoods such as oak and cherry. Water rowers are relatively quiet when in operation, with the main sound being the rather pleasant swoosh of water being moved by the blades in the water tank at the front of the rower. Air Rowers - As the name suggests, the mechanism in this type of rowing machine delivers resistance by mains of a air resistance generated by a flywheel with fan-like blades. In simple terms, the harder you pull, the faster the blades of the flywheel spin, and with it the resistance increases. Airflow can be adjusted to increase or decrease resistance. As the speed increases, so does the noise, which should not be a problem for most people, but it can be a factor in some purchasing decisions. The most popular air rowers are made by Concept 2, and there are also commendable alternatives from other manufacturers such as Horizon and Johnson. Choose from a large range of Rowing Machines all available with free UK delivery and many rowing machines come with 0% finance options available.