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More about HOIST

HOIST Fitness Systems is a company that produces strength training products for commercial and home markets. The company's commercial products can be found all over the world in health clubs, community centres, hotels, personal training facilities, universities, corporate fitness centres, government facilities and military bases.

Hoist Fitness Systems was incorporated in 1977, and since then, they have established itself as an innovator in the fitness industry. For decades Hoist Fitness Systems has delivered unique and powerful strength and indoor cycling products. Hoist's commitment to quality and innovation continue today with the launch of the new V Series Gyms and Mi series of products which are once again, setting new standards for strength equipment in the fitness industry. Hoist equipment also features a patented weight system that is intended for smoother motion, ensuring the safest and most efficient workout experience.

Recently, Hoist Fitness Systems, Inc. teamed up with LeMond Fitness Inc. and rebranded as “LeMond, Powered by HOIST”. LeMond has championed several technological advancements in pro cycling, including the introduction of aerodynamic “triathlon” handlebars and carbon fibre bicycle frames. LeMond continues to be a leader in group cycles. The LeMond Revmaster Pro is no exception. The silhouette of the bike has been modified to more closely resemble a road bike. This is accomplished by incorporating a narrower crank to replicate the geometry of a quality road bike. The new Next Generation X-Frame also improves upon the adjustability of the bike.

Hoist equipment is exclusively available at Powerhouse Fitness in the UK.
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